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Compendium Educator Workshop with Scientist Communication Series

Want to help scientists communicate their science better?

Want to meet new scientists to bring their stories into your classroom?

Come participate in a compendium Educator Workshop integrated with the Scientist Communication Series (SCS) workshops!

Through hands-on lessons, discussions, and experiences we:

  • Connect you to real polar scientists and polar research;
  • Provide opportunities to expose your students to the application of science concepts through hands-on activities;
  • Increase our understanding about how scientists conduct research.

Participating educators work with 1-3 polar researchers at the Scientist Communication Series workshop to brainstorm effective practices for the scientists to communicate their research to broader audiences.

Participant Benefits – All participants will receive the opportunity to:

  • Meet and connect with scientists involved in polar research;
  • Explore, as a learner, and process, as a facilitator, hands-on lessons related to polar research and technology;
  • Participate in discussions with scientists to further develop your content knowledge in the science and science mission;
  • Brainstorm ways successfully to integrate the lessons and other components of Polar ICE into your curriculum;
  • Receive a binder with all lesson plans; and
  • Receive a stipend and a continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the workshop.

Participant Commitments – Each participant must fully commit to the following:

  • Participate in the Educator Workshop;
  • Complete all evaluation instruments; and
  • Partner with 1-3 polar scientists during the workshop to assist them in more effectively communicating their science.

Upcoming SCS Educator Workshops: (Winter workshop date and location coming soon)

Past SCS Educator Workshops: