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Palmer LTER Video Teleconferences with Scientists (Winter 2018)

Recordings and question lists from Winter 2018 live video teleconferences with the science teams of Palmer Station LTER.


Sea Birds (January 30, 2018)

Photo credit: David Johnston, Duke University


Ying Hua International School, Kingston NJ

Robert Hunter Elementary, Raritan Township, NJ

Hesperian Elementary, San Lorenzo, CA



Click here for January 30, 2018 recording

Sea Birds VTC 01_30_18 Questions


Sea Birds (February 1, 2018)


Lincoln Middle School, Kearny NJ

Chalone Peaks Middle School, King City CA

Marina del Ray Middle School, Los Angeles CA



Click here for February 1, 2018 recording

Sea Birds VTC 02_01_18 Questions


Marine Mammals (February 22, 2018)

Photo Credit: David Johnston, Duke University


Franklin Elementary, Kearny NJ

James Monroe Elementary, Edison NJ

George E. Wilson Elementary, Hamilton Township NJ



Click here for February 22, 2018 recording

Marine Mammals VTC 02_22_18 Questions


Marine Mammals (February 27, 2018)


Sand Creek Middle School, Albany NY

San Antonio Elementary, Lockwood CA

AKTEACH Homeschool, Kodiak Island AK


Click here for February 27, 2018 recording

Marine Mammals VTC 02_27_18 Questions


Microbe Ecology (March 1, 2018)


Maria Carillo High School, Santa Rosa CA

Santa Rosa High School, Santa Rosa CA



Click here for March 1, 2018 recording

Microbes VTC 03_01_18 Questions


Long-Term Ecological Research (March 6, 2018)

zodiac on water


Collier School, Wickatunk NJ

Columbus Preparatory Academy, Columbus OH

Grice Middle School, Hamilton Township NJ


Click here for March 6, 2018 recording

LTER VTC 03_06_18 Questions


Long-Term Ecological Research (March 14, 2018)


New Brunswick High School, New Brunswick NJ

JFK STEM Academy, Paterson NJ

Jefferson Township High School, Oak Ridge NJ


Click here for March 14, 2018 recording

LTER VTC 03_14_18 Questions