Polar Literacy

The Polar Literacy Project

Formerly Polar Interdisciplinary Coordinated Education (Polar-ICE)

A program designed to connect scientists, educators, and students using data and research from the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

For many people, the Polar Regions remain distant locations, unconnected to their lives, and far from their daily concern.

This website aims to promote greater polar science literacy by providing an educational framework of concepts and resources to help:

  • Researchers improve the societal impact of their research and
  • Educators to promote teaching and learning about the Polar Regions.

Ask a Polar Scientist

Curious about Arctic or Antarctic research? Ask our scientists your questions.

Polar Data Stories

Get your feet wet with polar data, via stories and some cool visualizations.

Polar Literacy Initiative

An effort to define the big ideas the general public should know about the Polar Regions.

Educator Webinar – Plunging into our Polar Seas

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) has announced a special polar science webinar series aimed at middle and high school educators focused on the 2021 NOSB competition theme, Plunging Into Our Polar Seas.   Enhance…

Happy Antarctica Week 2020!

  In honor of Antarctica Day (December 1), our colleague Kasey Walsh has been posting a new blog each day focused on long-term data trends as observed at Palmer Station.  Kasey was part of the Palmer LTER team last winter and…

PhenoCam Teacher Workshop – Using webcam data to explore climate change – Thursday 10/15/20

Introducing a new way to teach about climate change from local to continental scale: PhenoCams! Learn how to use real time and long-term scientific data generated by web-cameras called PhenoCams.  Installed in diverse ecosystems throughout…
Wave-carved Iceberg, Western Antarctic Peninsula

#Science Literacy Week and Polar ICE

Check out our new guest blog post on the Arctic Relations website. This post is in support of #Science Literacy Week.  

MOSAiC Webinar Series

Teachers, bring the unprecedented science and adventure of the ongoing MOSAiC expedition, one of the most extensive Arctic research expeditions ever conducted, into your virtual classrooms with new resources (e.g., virtual tours, tracking apps,…
A map of Adelie and Gentoo penguin tracks off the coast of Palmer Station, Antarctica

SWARM Data Activity #5

What can penguins teach us about the ocean? You can also download this activity as a Word Doc: Data Swarm Activity #5. In our previous dispatches, we shared the data and technologies allowing us to understand how the ocean conditions are…
Echosounder data from offshore Palmer Station showing about 1 month of data

SWARM Data Activity #4

Seeing with Sound in the Palmer Deep You can also download this activity as a Word Doc: Data Swarm Activity #4. In the last dispatch, underwater glider data revealed the temperature, salinity and chlorophyll levels below the surface of…
Scientists deploy a Slocum Glider off the coast of Antarctica.

SWARM Data Activity #3

Diving into the Palmer Deep You can also download this activity as a Word Doc: Data Swarm Activity #3. In the last dispatch, CODAR data revealed ocean surface currents within the foraging area of the penguins of Palmer studied in the…

I.D. Antarctica – Home at Last

Land ho! Pictured above is the first bit of South America we saw from the ship. After a remarkably smooth crossing of the Drake Passage, we made it back to Punta Arenas, Chile. It’s not always so smooth, though! This Quicktime video…