Ever wondered how to make your science story pop?

Learn more about the art of storytelling…

AriAri Daniel, a Polar-ICE collaborator, is an oceanographer turned professional science reporter and multimedia producer.

Ari produces digital interactives and web videos for NOVA, and has reported on science topics across five continents. Ari’s radio stories have appeared on PRI’s The World and Living on Earth, NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, Radiolab, Studio 360, Here and Now, and Marketplace.

In the multi-part series below, Ari provides some insight into how he works on telling science stories and how scientists can work to tell the story of their own science.

Intro: Unearthing Story within Science
Part 1: The Brain — Transforming data into story
Part 2: The Heart — Finding stories all around you
Part 3: The Ingredients The elements of a successful story
Part 4: Using video to tell a story
Part 5: Now it’s your turn – Last minute notes