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Polar-ICE Project Team:

The Polar-ICE team is lead by a collaborative team of ocean scientists and educators working together to advance polar science literacy.

Oscar Schofield: Project PI, Dr. Schofield is a Biological Oceanographer at Rutgers University, PI for the NSF Long-term Ecological Research Program at Palmer Station, and Co-Director of the Center for Ocean Observation Leadership (COOL) at Rutgers University.

Janice McDonnell: Co-PI and Project Director, Janice is a marine educator and former Director of the Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence Network Ocean World at Rutgers University Department of Youth Development, Marine & Coastal Sciences. She co-coordinates professional development opportunities for scientists as well as consults and assists polar scientists in writing effective broader impact statements addressing Criterion II of NSF proposals.

Josh Kohut: Co-PI, Dr. Kohut is a Physical Oceanographer at Rutgers University.  Josh led a previous NSF funded project called CONVERGE which served as a model for the Polar-ICE program.

Christine Bean is a project coordinator for Polar ICE.  As the former Director of Education at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Christine has extensive experience with informal science centers and museum learning.

For more information about:

  • Science Communication Workshops for Polar Scientists 

Corey Garza: Dr. Garza, California University Monterey Bay,  is an expert in cultural competency and mentorship of underserved and underrepresented students in getting in the ocean sciences.

Joan Middendorf: Dr. Middendorf, Indiana University, is an expert in assisting scientists in learning ways of delivering science content to be most effective for audiences by moving from communicating to an expert to a novice.

Ari Daniel: Dr. Daniel, Mind Open Media, LLC, is an expert in telling stories about science through radio and multimedia.

  • Polar-ICE/MBARI EARTH Teacher Workshops 

George Matsumoto: Dr. Matsumoto, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, is a research scientist and lead educator, as well as the creator of the EARTH professional development program for K-12 educators.

  • Sci-I (Science Investigation) Project & Student Research Symposiums 

Kristin Hunter-Thomson: Kristin, Rutgers University, coordinates professional development opportunities for grades 6-16 educators interested in bring polar data and the process of science to their students. Kristin also developed the polar data stories.

Jacoby Baker is a graduate student at California University Monterey Bay and is helping to coordinate the Sci-I program.

  • Teacher Workshops, Conferences, and Webinars 

Liesl Hotaling: Liesl, Eidos Education, is an educational consultant and expert in STEM professional development training. She reaches out to broader audiences of formal and informal educators through professional meetings, workshops and webinars.

  • Polar-ICE Evaluation

Pam Van Dyk: Dr. Van Dyk, Evaluation Resources, LLC, is an independent consultant and evaluator for Polar-ICE. She is developing and implementing evaluation studies designed to assess the impact of education, outreach, and science communication Polar-ICE programs.