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Featured Adventure: Data to the Rescue

Pack your bags and head off to the Western Antarctic Peninsula with Dr. Megan Cimino. Use data to understand how the Adélie penguin population is changing with the climate. Get creative and communicate science with a Data Jam!

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Facilitator Guide

Educators and club leaders can download the Data to the Rescue facilitator guide. It includes instructions on how to incorporate these adventures into your classes or informal club activities.

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Other Polar Scientist Adventures

Check out our additional Polar Scientist Adventures to learn more about science in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. You’ll meet the young scientists who work there and the tools they use. Earn a digital Polar Explorer badge for each adventure your complete!

Ice Moves Glaciers in Greenland Ancient Antarctica Fire in the Arctic People in the Arctic Streams in the Dry Valleys Lakes in the Dry Valleys

Polar Explorers Adventures 

Meet polar researchers and join them on a scientific adventure! Pack your bags and visit the Polar Regions, both the Arctic and Antarctic, and work with researchers to learn how collecting and using scientific data helps us understand and solve environmental problems. 

Whether you are part of an after-school club at school, hybrid learning program, or even as independent adventurer, join our research team!

Featured Adventure

Data to the Rescue – Penguins Need Our Help!

Pack your bags and head off to the Western Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica with Dr. Megan Cimino.  Learn how she is using data to help understand and save the Adélie penguins. Get creative and communicate science with a Data Jam!

This module includes 7 activities that introduce students to the Polar Regions, how scientists analyze data, penguin and ice datasets and more. The Adventure culminates in a Data Jam activity, wherein student can create their own creative presentations featuring Polar ice and penguin datasets.

For more information, please check out the Facilitator’s Guide (coming soon).

Other Adventures 

Embrace the cold and take an expedition with our scientists as they explore life in the Polar extremes! 

Each of these activities takes around 40 minutes. Students can earn a badge for completing each one!