About Us

We are a community of polar scientists and educators working together to improve understanding of polar science and data through workshops, data visualization tools, and data-focused activities. We work to connect a broad range of audiences to available polar science data and to the  scientists who are collecting and analyzing these data.

To learn more about our project, please checkout the following pages.

Polar CAP Project Team: Team members and partners for our Polar CAP project

The Polar CAP Project: Background on the Polar Camps and After-school Programs project (2019-2022)

The Polar ICE Project: Background information, team members, and partner organizations for our Polar ICE project (2015-2019)

Mission & Goals: Summary of the goals and objectives of the project

History of the Polar Literacy Principles

Motivation: Why a Polar Literacy Initiative?

How We Began: Information about the project and the motivation for its creation.

Contact Information: Contact us for more information on how you can get involved

Publications: Selected articles and other publications from our projects