Data to the Rescue: Penguins Need Our Help! 

Antarctica is a place that has had little human interference.  No one lives there permanently, and it teems with interesting marine life. In this adventure, your job will be to help Dr. Cimino understand what is happening to the penguin species on the Western Antarctic Peninsula. You will use your expert knowledge to create a Data Jam to help others learn and understand. 

Your itinerary!

Welcome to The Polar Explorer Adventure!

In this Adventure, you will complete a series of activities, each of which will allow you to earn a Polar Explorer badge.

First, to explore the poles we must learn about them and pack our bags. Before going to the Polar Regions scientists must learn about where they are going and what they need to pack to work there.  

By completing the modules below, you will plan your own adventure to the Polar Regions, dig into data, and help us save the penguins. To get started, we will need to learn about the two Polar Regions. Click on “Pack Your Bags” to get started!