Project Mission and Goals

Imagine if educators could virtually connect to Earth’s Polar Regions giving their students first hand experiences with scientists and scientific data. What if students could utilize and learn from the ever-expanding polar data streams and scientific observations happening at higher latitudes?

Our Mission

Using the Polar Literacy Principles as a foundation, we strive to develop Out of School Time (OST) programs and resources with these key elements:

  1. Opportunities for youth to experience, grapple with, and come to a clearer understanding of Polar Literacy Principle (PLP) concepts
  2. Focus on polar scientists, their personal stories, and the research they do through face-to-face, video and/or written resources.
  3. Place-based activities that encourage youth to make local connections. Youth will connect what they understand about local phenomena to similar phenomena in the Polar Regions.
  4. Data-rich opportunities for youth to grapple with real-world data sets and to engage in one or more creative “Data Jam” activities, originally developed by the Asombro Institute.

What We Do

  • Enhance their polar knowledge and data literacy skills of informal educators through professional development and exemplary teaching resources.
  • Build capacity of polar researchers to engage in broader public engagement with their research.