Tricia Thibodeau

Polar Scientist in the Spotlight

Learn about all sorts of careers that polar scientists have as we explore their different research areas through the featured Polar Scientist of the Month.

Tricia Thibodeau

Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

What do you do?

I study zooplankton including the open ocean snails, pteropods, to understand how their populations may change with global warming and their importance in the Western Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem.


What is the best thing about your job?

Looking at all the beautiful zooplankton shapes and sizes!

What is the most important tool you use for research?

A plankton net tow.

Why is what you do important?

By studying pteropods, open ocean snails, we can better understand their importance in the Western Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem as a prey item and influence on biogeochemistry. Through experiments on the ship in Antarctica, we can determine environment thresholds that may influence their health from increased warming.

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