Attention Classroom Educators!

Our Antarctic research team needs your classroom’s help!  We are using satellite images to find Weddell seals in Antarctica. This ongoing project needs many eyes to search the images and find the seals.  It’s easy. All your students have to do is mark the images ‘seals’ or ‘no seals’.  We will ask for  your help to count the seals later.

There are three parts to this National Science Foundation citizen science project for your classroom. Take part in one, two or three, but have fun learning about Weddell seals, Antarctica and helping scientists find these animals.

  1. Go to the website run through the short tutorial and get started searching for seals.  You can create an account or just start counting. The project is active through December 2017. I hope you will help us with this exciting and important research project.
  2. If your students spend time with the images on the website above, please have them take this VERY short online PRE and POST survey . Our funders are eager to see how these activities serve as a learning tool. Your feedback as an educator is important as well and will help us continue the funding for this project.
  3. Check out pictures, classroom activities and  science stories about Antarctica and Weddell seals. Have your students learn about these amazing polar animals and what scientists are discovering about their lives.

Thank you for participating in this unique science research project. Questions?

Email Jean Pennycook