Youth Dialogue on National Climate Assessment

University and high school students are invited to a special event on February 15th from 7-9pm EST to discuss the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), a major U.S. Government report on how climate change affects people and places in the United States. Attendees will have the chance to hear from authors of the assessment and discuss together how the report can learn from and reflect the concerns of young people in the US. 

To register for the event please click here. To learn more about the Fifth National Climate Assessment and additional opportunities to participate, please visit

About the report: The National Climate Assessment is a Congressionally mandated quadrennial report led by the U.S. Global Change Research Program. The report evaluates the effects of climate change on regions and sectors of the United States and reports on trends in climate change for the next 25 to 100 years. The Fifth National Climate Assessment will highlight advances in scientific understanding of human-induced and `natural processes of climate change and the resulting implications for the United States. Major themes will be presented through the lens of vulnerability, impacts, risks, and adaptation. The report is expected for release in late 2023. 


This event is sponsored by the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH) and Rutgers Climate Institute