EARTH Workshop in Monterey CA!

EARTH 2017 will be July 16-21, 2017 in Monterey, California. The focus will be on polar research as we are partnering with Rutgers University and CSUMB on our joint NSF Polar-ICE grant. We are adding the C-DEBI group as well so there’ll be some extreme environment topics. If you are interested in participating in 2017: 

All application materials and questions can be sent to EARTH ( 
The application process:
1. Trial an EARTH lesson 
2. Complete the online feedback rubric
3. Provide a cover letter than includes the following information: 
*your school/district, 
*grade level/s and subject/s taught, and 
*email/phone contact (both school and personal as the school email system sometimes rejects our group emails).

Please also address the following questions: 
*Why do you want to be selected for this workshop? 
*What makes you the ideal candidate? 
*Include any other information that you think might be useful to us as we make our decisions.

Deadline for applications is February 14th, 2016

You can learn more about EARTH here .