Postcard 2 – Join the Team

Join the team!

Dear Explorer:

I am glad you are packed and ready for our long journey to Antarctica. Next we are going to learn about climate change to better prepare us for our mission to save the penguins. Before our next meeting, complete the following tasks:

Fill out the join the team chart in your research journal with your skills and interests

Watch Hear from a Scientist – Kasey Walsh

We will be discussing climate change and why our mission is so important. You
will also earn your first badge!


Dr Megan Cimino and the Research Team
Pack Your Bags

1. Hear From a Scientist Who Visited Antarctica!

Let’s hear from Scientist Kasey Walsh as she describes her trip to Antarctica! Watch the video below of Kasey speaking about her research trip to Antarctica, then answer the corresponding question.

Now that you have learned about the poles and what you need to bring, it is time to dive in to data!