The Art of Storytelling – Intro: Unearthing Story within Science

Written by Ari Daniel

The point of what follows is to offer you some guidance on how to take your science and turn it into a story. This is what I do for a living, and here’s an image that feels resonant to me:

Here’s why I like that painting:


The two examples that I refer to in the video above are are called “science minutes” – short 60- or 90-second radio stories that I produced for Atlantic Public Media and WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR station. The first is entitled “A Musical Embryo.”


Here’s what works for me in terms of what Hazel has to say in this piece:

The second science minute is called “A Mosquito Maze.” For this piece, notice what’s happening in terms of the structure and flow of the story.


Here’s what I like about what Rich has to say in this piece: