The Polar Explorer Adventure

A new online course, currently in development

The Polar Explorer Adventure is a new online asynchronous course, developed by the Polar ICE team.

The course consists of 6 modules that will introduce students to the Polar Regions, both the Arctic and Antarctic, and some of the cool scientist to work there.  The modules also include a focus on exploring datasets to help students build their data literacy skills.

The course is designed to be used as part of after school clubs, hybrid learning, or even as independent learning.  And while there are 6 modules total, the course is designed to be scalable.

  • We recommend that you start with 1) Pack Your Bags, followed by 2) Digging into Data.  
  • After that, there are four different Scientist Adventures you can choose from.  You can work on as many as you like.  In fact, 2 of the adventures feature 3 scientists each.  And again, while you should at least explore one scientist’s story, you are free to explore as many more as you like.  For each one, you will earn a digital Polar Explorer badge to add to your collection.
  • If time allows, we encourage facilitators end with Communicate Your Science with a Data Jam.  In this module, students will explore a polar dataset, and use their creative ideas to tell a story and share what they’ve learned. 

The following diagram depicts a possible sequence of modules, though you can scale up or down depending on your needs and interest. 

This image depicts the 6 modules in the Polar Explorer Adventure online course.

Please note, the online version is still under development, and many of the modules are still a work in progress as we transition our in-class activities to this online version.  We plan to roll out the full course officially towards the end of 2022, but you can take a sneak peak here…

And please let us know what you think!