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Arctic Futures Podcast Series Continues

Check out the latest Arctic Futures podcast from World Ocean Radio. In this episode, host Peter Neill discusses the melting of sea ice, its causes, the adaptation of native Arctic people, and the potential for future exploitation and passage as sea ice continues to recede.

Antarctica, Penguins and Cartoons – Irresistible!

Maris Wicks is a talented cartoonist and writer that is working on a nonfiction comic book about Antarctica.  She spent much of this past field season in Antarctica “having experiences that enhance and contribute to the comics that I make.” Please check out her amazing work for an inspiring example of science informing art. photo from Maris […]

NEW Webinar Series for Educators

The Polar-ICE team is excited to announce the launch of Data Stories and an accompanying webinar series.  Geared towards teachers in grades 6-9, Data Stories are easy-to-use, 5-minute interactive online stories focused around engaging students with real-world data. Join us each month for a kick-off webinar to meet the polar research scientist, learn about the Data Story and […]