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Connect Your Students with Scientists in Antarctica

This winter, we are excited to offer two opportunities for you to connect your classroom with scientists in Antarctica: I.D. Antarctica and Palmer LTER Video Teleconferences. I.D. Antarctica:  Help polar scientist Andrew Corso identify the “mystery creatures” that he encounters during his cruise along with West Antarctic Peninsula starting in mid-January. This opportunity is open to […]

PolarTREC 2019-2020 Program – Applications Now Due for Teachers and Researchers

You’re invited to participate in this exciting professional development and collaboration! The goal of PolarTREC (Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating) is to invigorate polar science education and understanding by bringing educators and polar researchers together.  PolarTREC is currently accepting applications from both educators and researchers for the 2019-2020 program. Educators:  Applications for a field-based research […]

Spring 2018 Data Stories Webinars

The Polar-ICE team is excited to announce the Spring 2018 Data Stories webinar series.  Topics include the effects of a warming Arctic Ocean, changes in Arctic vegetation, and the impact of rising ocean temperatures on icefish. Geared towards teachers in grades 6-9, Data Stories are easy-to-use, 5-minute interactive online stories focused around engaging students with real-world data. Join us […]

Animals of the Ice – Video Collection

NOAA’s Ocean Today program is promoting one of their most popular Full Moon collection of videos for you and your students: ANIMALS OF THE ICE  Watch them run, swim, slide, waddle, and fly. They are animals of the ice – and how they survive in the harsh extremes of the polar regions is amazing.

Rutgers Roommates Head for Antarctica to Study Climate Change

Taylor Dodge and Rachael Young, Rutgers University-New Brunswick seniors, are friends, roommates, South Jersey natives – and headed to opposite ends of Antarctica this field season for separate research projects to gather data on the effects of climate change. Dodge and Young met as first-year students in the oceanography class taught by Rutgers University-New Brunswick […]

Connect Your Students with Antarctica

Participate in a real-time videoconference with a scientist at Palmer Station, part of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) network.   Your students will engage in a 30-minute virtual scientific briefing and discussion with an LTER scientist live from Palmer Station on the West Antarctica Peninsula. Students will learn about Antarctic food web ecology and […]

Arctic Futures Podcast Series Continues

Check out the latest Arctic Futures podcast from World Ocean Radio. In this episode, host Peter Neill discusses the melting of sea ice, its causes, the adaptation of native Arctic people, and the potential for future exploitation and passage as sea ice continues to recede.

Antarctica, Penguins and Cartoons – Irresistible!

Maris Wicks is a talented cartoonist and writer that is working on a nonfiction comic book about Antarctica.  She spent much of this past field season in Antarctica “having experiences that enhance and contribute to the comics that I make.” Please check out her amazing work for an inspiring example of science informing art. photo from Maris […]

NEW Webinar Series for Educators

The Polar-ICE team is excited to announce the launch of Data Stories and an accompanying webinar series.  Geared towards teachers in grades 6-9, Data Stories are easy-to-use, 5-minute interactive online stories focused around engaging students with real-world data. Join us each month for a kick-off webinar to meet the polar research scientist, learn about the Data Story and […]