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I.D. Antarctica – Week #5 Mystery Creature

Greetings from Antarctica! Sadly, we are heading back to Chile later this week. Our last stop is at one of the three Antarctic bases operated by the United States called Palmer Station, on the Western Antarctic Peninsula. It is a very cool place filled with wonderful people. The station held a big dinner for us when we arrived followed by ice cream sundaes. They even have a hot tub!


Palmer Station, Antarctica

Photo by Andrew Corso


I have had an amazing time showing you all the unique animals we encounter. Yesterday, we were exploring an island near Palmer Station called Torgersen and found a few of my favorite birds. I would appreciate some help figuring out what species they are – using the  same dichotomous key we used earlier: ID Antarctica Sea Birds Dichotomous Key

In the first picture, there is a parent standing with its two chicks. It can be especially challenging to identify animals when they are young, so try and use the key for the adults.

Bird and Chicks, Antarctica

Photo by Andrew Corso


In this second picture, the birds are out hunting for food! I think there may be more than one species present, can you figure out which is which? Hint: it is very difficult to identify the bird with its head underwater so don’t worry too much about that one.


Birds Hunting in Ocean, Antarctica

Photo by Andrew Corso


Check back with me on Friday for the identifications and my farewell post from Antarctica!

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