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I.D. Antarctica #2

Greetings from Antarctica! I am standing on the back deck of our ship, the Laurence M. Gould, preparing to launch our net system. We are using the net to catch a variety of small marine animals that are collectively called zooplankton. We lower the net into the water behind the boat with a crane. There […]

I.D. Antarctica #1 Answer

Hello again! We made it out of the sea ice and we are currently searching for whales to try and tag. Were you able to identify the mystery creature in I.D. Antarctica #1?  I hope you were all able to understand how to use the dichotomous key.  The correct bird species is Pagodroma nivea, or […]

I.D. Antarctica #1

A beautiful white bird just flew by and I have no idea what species it is. I almost missed it with how well it blends in with its surroundings. Let’s try and identify it with a dichotomous key I created just for this challenge – download by clicking on this link: ID Antarctica Week 1 Key. […]

I.D. Antarctica Begins Soon

Welcome to the first post of our I.D. Antarctica series. Over the next 6 weeks, Andrew Corso, a PhD candidate at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, will post weekly “mysteries” during his research cruise off the coast of Antarctica. This is his first post from the Southern Ocean.   Greetings from Antarctica! We left […]