Postcard 1 – Pack Your Bags

Let's pack our bags and go to the poles!

Dear Explorer:

Welcome to our research team! In preparation for our Antarctic Adventure, complete the following tasks:

Pack your bags: Drag and drop the items into the three categories: “Items for Living”, “Tools for Science”, and “Luxury and Mental Wellness.”

Packing list: Choose three items from the list to pack and explain why.

Choose a science tool and watch the video. Write down in your journal which scientist used it, and how it is helpful.

Please bring your journal to the research team meeting. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dr. Megan Cimino and the Research Team

1. Packing for a Polar Expedition

What do Scientists use to explore the Polar Regions?

Sort the items on the right side by dragging and dropping them into the following categories in the left-hand columns: Items for Living, Tools for Science, and Luxury and Mental Wellness. Make sure to check the “check” box below once you have completed this activity.

2. What would you pack?

In this challenge we will explore the equipment YOU will need to take on your adventure to the Poles.

First, you will pick one Item for Living, one Tool for Science, and one Luxury item to pack from the 3 lists below. Report which three items you will bring with you and why you chose them!

Then, in the second step, you will watch the video associated with the Tools for Science item you selected. After watching the video, think about how the scientist shown in the video, or other scientists like them, can use that item for their research.

Which three items will you bring with you to the poles, and why?

Directions: Pick one Items for Living, one Tools for Science and one Luxury item to pack from the 3 lists below.

Items for Living
(Pick 1)
Tools for Science
(Pick 1)
Luxury and Mental Wellness
(Pick 1)
Warm and Waterproof jacket
Plastic (sample) bottles
Animal tags
Caulking gun
Other scientists
Your pillow
Favorite sweater

Now briefly describe which 3 items you will bring, and why you selected them!

Tools of Science

Click on the link below to watch the video associated with the Tools for Science item you selected in the previous question.

  1. Trowel
  2. Fluorometer
  3. Plastic (sample) bottles
  4. Drill/auger (choose Video 1 or Video 2)
  5. Animal tags
  6. Caulking gun
  7. GPS
  8. Other scientists

Then, briefly report how a scientist uses that same item to help them in their research.