Data to the Rescue: Penguins Need Our Help!

Club Meeting Postcards

Dr. Megan Cimino
Dear Explorers, My name is Dr. Megan Cimino. I would like to welcome you to our research team. I need your help to learn more about the penguins at Palmer Station in Antartica. To prepare, we are going to identify different species of penguins, ask scientific questions, make a hypothesis about how climate change is impacting the penguin populations, and finally communicate about our work through something called a Data Jam. First, we have to get ready for our research expedition by packing our research equipment and personal items. It takes a lot of planning to go so far away to such a remote place on Earth. So glad you are joining the birder team. Let's get started!

Antarctica is a place that has had little human interference. No one lives there permanently, and it teems with interesting marine life. In this adventure, your job will be to help Dr. Cimino understand what is happening to the penguin species on the Western Antarctic Peninsula.

You will receive 8 post cards from me throughout your expedition. Click the postcard you need to work on to complete the self guided work in preparation for your in-person club meeting. 

Postcard 1: Pack Your Bags!

Postcard 2: Join the Team!

Join the team!

Postcard 3: Dive Into Data!

Dive into data!

Postcard 4: Penguins Need Our Help!

Penguins need our help!

Postcard 5: Penguins of Palmer

Penguins of Palmer

Postcard 6: Questionland


Postcard 7: Exploring Ice

Exploring ice as habitat

Postcard 8: Data Jam

Communicate science with a Data Jam