Club Meeting #1 Facilitator Resources

Let’s Pack Our Bags and Go to the Poles

The resources and web links on this page will help you facilitate Meeting #1 of the Data to the Rescue Club program.  Please see the facilitator’s guide for more information and instructions on how to lead this meeting.

Activity 1: Let’s Pack Our Bags Recap (Facilitators Guide p. 15)

Ask Explorers to decide which researcher they feel like today. This is a SEL check-in that will help you gauge how your Explorers are feeling.

  • SEL Check-in (PDFPPT): What Polar Researcher are you today?

Activity 2: I’m Going on a Trip (p. 15)

Encourage them to “meet’ Dr. Megan Cimino and decide what they want to pack to go to Antarctica.

Activity 3: Tools for Research (p. 16)

  • Watch the Video: Polar Location
  • Assign groups to discuss the following questions:
    • Group #1: What are three things you find interesting about the poles?
    • Group #2: What are three questions you have about the Polar Regions?
    • Group #3: Which scientist did you/would you pick? What is their tool? Why do you think this tool is useful for science? 

Community Exploration (p. 17)

Have the group watch videos from the “Polar Scientist Spotlight” series (as time allows):