Polar-ICE Sci-I Project 2016-17 Cohort Resources

The Polar-ICE Sci-I Project 2016-17 cohort included a fantastic group of 21 middle and early high school educators from New Jersey and central California.

Below is information about participating educators, project resources, workshop activities, and media coverage with respect to the the Sci-I Project 2016-17 cohort. Additional information for participating educators could be found in the shared Google Folder for the project.

Participating Educators:

School Location Teacher(s)
Chalone Peaks Middle School King City, CA Sue Morrow
Conackamack Middle School Piscataway, NJ Dolores Taylor
Hillside Avenue School Cranford, NJ Matthew Fichter, Kristen Hague
Kearny High School Kearny, NJ Rosetta Arrigo, Lourdes Villacis
Lincoln Middle School Kearny, NJ Patricia Hester-Fearon, Jacqueline Lacik
Pacific Grove Middle School Pacific Grove, CA Kelly Terry
Princeton High School Princeton, NJ Alexis Custer, Jacquline Katz, Jennifer Smolyn
San Antonio Elementary Lockwood, CA Denise Hardoy
Seaside High School Seaside, CA Katie Gialketsis, Carolyn Laymon, Leah Luchsinger, Gayle McKee
Seaside Middle School Seaside, CA Stacia Lothian
Walter Colton Middle School Monterey, CA Tom Grych, Justine Hochstaedter, Kimberly Kellam


Project Resources:

Polar Data Resources:

Open-Ended Science Investigation Resources:

Student Polar Research Symposium Resources: (remember to check out the SPRS webpage)

Sci-I Project 2016 Evaluation Documents:

Workshop Activities:

Data Activities:

Media Coverage: