Ratios with Penguin Data

When sharing results of the numbers of individuals in a population, scientists will sometimes use ratios to make the comparisons. Your challenge is to share penguin population numbers in a creative way

We are going to use the 1995 data as an example and then it is up to you to make ratios for the rest of the data.

The table below shows penguin populations in breeding pairs, that scientists counted in Antarctica in 1995.

Adelie Breeding Pairs 11,051        
Gentoo Breeding Pairs 29
Chinstrap Breeding Pairs238

Since scientists use breeding pairs, we are going to use pairs in our ratios.

You need more data for your data jam. Make ratios for at least 1 other year of data from the list below. You do not have to use 1 penguin picture = 100 Breeding Pairs.

Here is the data for the year 2000:

Adelie Breeding Pairs7130
Gentoo Breeding Pairs282
Chinstrap Breeding Pairs314

Here is the data for 2010:

Adelie Breeding Pairs2345
Gentoo Breeding Pairs2395
Chinstrap Breeding Pairs351

Here is the Data for 2015:

Adelie Breeding Pairs2017
Gentoo Breeding Pairs3503
Chinstrap Breeding Pairs365