Introduction to Data Jam

Now that you have learned about the penguins, your next task is to create a project that creatively represents the population data you analyzed. This project is called a Data Jam!

Credit: Unsplash

How and why we data jam!

What is a Data Jam?

You made it!  You are now part of the science team, you analyzed and interpreted data and now it is time to share what you have learned with others. As scientists, we must communicate scientific findings in ways anyone can understand. One way to do that is by using our creativity in something called a Data Jam. A Data Jam is a creative expression of our understanding of the trend we see in the data. It was created by our friends at the Asombro Institute in New Mexico.

Why do a Data Jam?

Many people find graphs hard to understand and maybe even boring. Climate Change is impacting our planet in so many ways.  It is important to help people including our family friends understand the importance of the data and how we can use it to help understand the impacts of climate change and us!